Tuesday, 19 January 2010


things i used to do a lot and that i feel i should do again for the sake of growth..

  1. dressing up
  2. dressing up and taking pictures
  3. dressing up and putting make up on
  4. random hair do's
  5. photography for photography's sake
  6. experimental cookery
  7. dancing dancing dancing dancing..I MISS DANCING
  8. socialising
  9. readin alllll the time
  10. loving just being
  11. writing poems
  12. writing anything
  13. drawing and writing things, sending them to people
  14. making sure my nails are always painted

recently, iv noticed what a lack of style of have now? i used to 'dare to be different' and now im just a jeans and t girl, ANNOYING. so im gonna do the style thing again.

today has been a picture taking day to try and see myself from different angles, i havnt seen a photographed self for a few years, that is to say..experimental photographs for fun.

aaaaaannndd i listened to NIN..it was uplifting :)

time to crack out the bova boots and skirts again i think...yes.

ill post pics as i get thru the list :D

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

mum x

totally irrelevant..but
i just found this pic from my birthday morning last year? my mums wonderful on birthday mornings, this being one fine example :) im 21 in 3 months and this year mum will probably be at her boyfriends, it makes me sad. though perhaps ill start a tradition that shes here on my birthday mornings? hah. sad, but im so glad i have that good of relationship with mum :) who can say they want their mum there on their birthday morning? im glad i can.



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