Thursday, 29 April 2010

one of those days

You know the type.. 'those' days, when all you want to do is cuddle, watch nice films and eat? and maybe cry. hmmmm.

righty, updatifications!!

felt like home straight away...took us a week to get all our stuff in and now its just...good. really really good.
i can walk to town when i need to,
walk the dogs easily,
we have a dishwasher, not having to wash up is saving my nails!
a fire that's just a push of a button away..not as nice as a real fire, but PFFT, who gives one? i don't have coal all over my hands anymore. :D
next door have a cherry blossom tree which sends THE most glorious smells into our kitchen :) and its cute watching the puppy get petals stuck to her nose ^_^
i have a seewwwiing room :D woop!
unfortunatly i cant find the card reader so no pics yet :(

god damn shes cute

she was soooooo small, kind of like a guinea pig with longer legs and shorter fur. but now shes quite big..comparitivly, i mean, shes still the size of a rabbit, and cute as hell..but yay :D she goes all wriggley and wierd when shes happy to see you..nice.

3) three orders for things sinse we moved in :) good going!
  1. petticoat for one of my beautiful best friends. it was a birthday present, so not a money maker, but twas fun to make :) only made the brown post a pic of the full thing, but its a tad see through...teheh. its made from brown tulle, two layers, three tiers, on a white silk very short high waisted skirt? and brown ribbon to tie it at the side. yummeh!
    i got the tutorial from here: shes totally awesome, you should follow her too!! and buy her dresses ;)
  2. some latin dance shirts, thats still in progress as the guy is on holiday, just need him to try on the mock ups and thats a done job.
  3. a corset, YAY :D. a lovely friend of friend of friend messaged me, and shes coming to see me on tuesday. i feel optimistic :).
what else what else?

oh yah, one of my birthday presents off my best friend was BEARDYMAN TICKETS, yeeaahhhboi! for any of you who havnt heard of him...
he beatboxes, and uses only his voice to create songs. AWESOMNESS. yes.

and thats it for now....until i find the bloody card readers...

love x

Thursday, 22 April 2010

hello hello!!

hello blogland!!!!! so muchhhhhhh to saaayyyy!!!

we moved house!! hence being away from blogspot..iv actually been so excited about coming back and being able to read all the beautiful blogs i follow...cant wait to have a spare day to just sit and reeeaaadddd and look at pretty pictures :)

house is beautiful :) and perfect :) and i feel so lucky!!
and i got my puppy!!
pictures and updates to come.

anyway, right now im sewing a petticoat so gotta get back to it.


Friday, 2 April 2010

birthday cake

forgot to say!!

remember i wanted to re-create that corpse bride cake? well...

not sooo similar, but based on my tattoo

..i love it! made by the ever so talented mumma fitz :D

and it tasted delicious!!!
Lemon Madeira
with jam and cream filling
and a tiiiny layer of marzipan
and roll out icing....YUM.
everyone was like ''WOOOAAAHHHHAMAZING!''
not sure whether it was half induced by the drink?
we ate it aterwards and it was still goooood :)


moving house

So, tomorrow im moving...wieerrdd!!! its already here :D im very excited, but also very going to miss this house...but its a transition? a new cycle is starting, new house, with my man, new pup, hopefully a job...
:) s'all goin on! ill let you know how it goes :) pics as well



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