Monday, 29 March 2010

21st birthday


The usual mum special awesome breakfast :)
including haribo, jelly, chocolate brioche, cupcakes and bucks-fizz
:) got lots of beautiful things
thousand million mac eye shadows :)
corset books
pearl dust...
awesome photo related things
stuff stuff and more stuff
(ill photo them so lucky)

A FREAKING PUPPY!!! yes..spoilt!

pixel :) or pix for short..i get her on Monday, CANT WAIT.:) and had a beautiful party
(excuse the boobs...)
(that's my lovely brother and
his very drunk friend poking his head in)

and just generally had a reeally good day :) the WHOLE day..
how lucky is that??! :D

im not sure what else to say?

other than im totally joyous for having had such an awesome day :)
and ill upload more pics some time


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

awesome blogger, awesome post

in honour of design: new found blog (new to me anyway...) she does awesome tutorials and pictures, go see for your viewing pleasure :) also check out her latest post for a chance to win this awesome necklace by the silver dog company on etsy or just check them out to purchase something for yourself! nice nice nice :)

enjoy :)

amazing cakes

So, its my birthday on saturday and my mum always makes my cakes..we've had some pretty good ones in the past, my 18th was a cake with a burlesque dancer on it holding a popped champagne bottle...i think it MIGHT sound better than it is? was cool :) and i liked it a LOT. So, a good month or so ago i was just browsing stuff when i came across, this cake:

AWESOME?? YYEESS!!! and then..i promptly forgot about it. until i remembered to show my mum two weeks ago who said ''pah, we can make that...have it for your birthday cake..'' I NEARLY EXPLODED WITH HAPPINESS. I very much encourage you to take a look at the whole website, this woman is amazing: pink cake box
if the above pic hasn't convinced you...ill show you these..

yeah...THATS A CAKE!!!!! craaazzzzy! now go and have a look!!

SO yes...i want this cake, but less...corpsey, more cherry blossom :) so we went to an amaaazzing cake shop today..well, cake supply shop, if you live anywhere near Leamington spa, or Warwick or anything, this place has ALL your cake decorating needs covered..SRSLY. go.

anyway, im very excited about my cake now :D im going over to the farm *mums bfs farm* to do it tomorrow night...EEEEEEEEEEP :D cant wait to show you pics.

thats all :)
love xxxxxx

Monday, 22 March 2010


Warm pizza boxes...
That is all.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

scotch pancakes

Its saturday morning/afternoon nearly...And we've decided we want scotch pancakes for breakfast :)..(we being me and my boy). Hes just gone to the shops because weve run out of milk, and one cant POSSIBLY make drop scones without milk..:) im looking forward to them immensly, because were both on 'diet' thing at the minute, where during the week we eat healthily and within limits of things like no snacks and no fat laden meals (iv failed a bit on the biscuit front this week due to hormones etc) but yes, very much looking forward to pancaaakes :) and then toad in the hole later..omnomnomnom.

recipe and method for pancakes :

  • 100g SR flour
  • small pinch salt
  • 25g caster sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 pint milk (i say this is too much, pour in a bit of the milk at a time until you have something that resembles something a little runnier than cake mix)
(you can just double all of these for more pancake joy)

1. First grease your pan - use a oil because butter will burn, and then put on the hob to medium/high heat. (make sure the pan is good and hot before you pour in the mix, but also that the fat hasn't evaporated)

2. Sift the flour into a bowl and add the pinch of salt, and then tip in the sugar.

3. Crack the egg into the milk (best not to try doing this into the bottle), and whisk.

4. Pour the egg and milk liquid into the dry ingredients, and mix to form a smooth batter.

5. Test that the girdle is hot enough by putting a teaspoons worth of batter onto it. You should have a fairy-size pancake cooked for you in less than a minute.

6. For the main-event pancakes, use a tablespoon to drop the batter onto the girdle.

7. Keep a beady eye on it! When the pancake starts to get bubbles all over it, flip it over using a palette knife. (i like to use a fish slice)

8. If its not the same colour as you see in the shops, don't worry, you can flip it over again and re-cook it :)

9. I like eating them hot from the pan with button and syrup on..but you might like them cold, if so...wrap them in a clean tea towel to keep them moist, and then toast them under the grill for a crispy edge and butter them once they've cooled, omnomnomnom.....tastygood.

when we've cooked the toady ill post it up so you can enjoy one toooo!

This is the last calm weekend well have in this house, a little sad to say the least!! next weekend ITS MY BIRRRTTHHHDDDAAAYYYYYYYYY..21..EEP! and then the weekend after we MOVE! bladdy hell its come round quick! So..because everythings going to be hectic for a good few weekends to come, were doing homey cooking and lounging and movie watching :) its gonna be awesome.

much pancakey love to you!

Friday, 19 March 2010

birthday dress

birthday dress sneaky peak :)
i reaally love it :D cant wait to wear it...just a few bits to finish on the corset and then gotta find some shoes..hhmmm...heh :D

on winged shoes...

I want these...

Im not sure how often id actually wear them, id use them as bookends, or something...maybe id wear them once...but how do you keep white shoes white? really white? theyre just so cool. am i being a dork? i dont know...i think theyre lovely..ahhhhh...yay :)
the coloured onse and BEAUTIFUL, a treat for the eyes...mmmyum. yes!
theyre by Adidas, jeremy scott colection and can be purchased here

Thursday, 18 March 2010

dream house

i want a house that has:

  • steps leading upto the front of the city? steps with metal rails, leading to a red front door with a brass lion head knocker and the handle in the middle of the door. in the country? WIDE stone steps with plants lining the sides..leading upto big huge wooden front doors, with lions head knockers on both sides and a rope to pull to make the door bell go.
  • a pond in the garden, with lilly pads and frog spawn in spring and goldfish that grow REALLY big..but not the kind of pond that has a plastic bottom and a water feature trickling off some a big big pond thats entirely stone, perhaps with a feature in the middle? OR stepping stones across it, big enough to sit on...yes. ooh and dragon flies would visit.
  • a basement, for our home cinema, one huge room with a projector and a silk screen, with a whole LOAD of bean bags and huge sofas and wing backed chairs.yesyesyes. (this one i actually have to give credit to my mum for)
  • enough spare rooms to afford us room for a photography studio, a sewing room and a painting room, with enough room for 2 spare bedrooms.
  • a roll top bath. a
  • a wet room. who couldnt live with a wet room? theyre awesome.
  • garden big enough for 5 dogs to be happy bombing about
  • to have a stables for a horse not too far away
  • loft space for when visiting children stay, clean, non-spidery/creepy loft space of course, with cool stuff in there.yepyep.
  • an entrance big enough to have a stand up piano in it
  • a ball room with a grand piano in it..
  • a living room full of mis-matched (matching non matching..yanno) sofas and chairs and a big box for blankets and a HUGE real fire. (that's one thing i WILL miss when i leave this house...reeaaalll fire)
  • a library..but that would also be on of the spare rooms...a big old room with wooden floors, a fire place and desk, and shelves and shelves of books on the walls surrounding a four poster bed.
  • a big kitchen with a table and chairs at one end and the practical end with a huge island in it...the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it is where everyone congregates if possible..(not surprising really when you have food, water and warmth there...generally anyway.)
  • for it to be least 70 its not all crappy and cheaply made.
SO!! id better get sewing...hahaha

yesterday me and my veryvery good friend Amelia Tyler, (her blog) went for a country stomp, down some country lanes, with my dawg for some good old chit chat and fresh air. and we got to talking about 'future life', marriage and babies and thinggggs like that. (Milly is very good at setting my head straight)...I was telling her, how i feel about 24, not NEARLY 21, and everyones always saying ''you've got your whole life ahead of you..'' and im like yyyeeeaaahhh i know. but then yesterday, milly said ''well..yeah, but you dont have to be the clubbing and traveling type, what if you ARE a homebod type..''. WHY I HADN'T I THOUGHT THIS BEFORE????! yeah...i don't want to go traveling, i want to go on holiday. i don't LOVE clubbing and i can live without it. i am in agreement that i don't want babies yet..because once you have a child, it IS your life..essentially you don't get to choose anymore. whats best for the kid, is whats best for you. end. but what if i do want to have a house and make it nice to be able to have my peoples around me? that IS what i love, and shes right.. SO, today is ACTUALLY the start of the rest of my life... working my way toward my own beautiful space to have my own beautiful people around me.

sorry that wasnt better worded, i didnt sleep much last night, had wierd fighty/avatary/transformery dreams.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

seamstress dreamstress

At the moment, i am in a mind is not on my head half of the time, and the half of time it is in there its disgruntled. moving house, selling corsets, knowing i have to branch out, but WHERE TO START???!! oh em gee. its allll so much and doing it on my own! i knooowww i have all the support and encouragement i need from friends, family, boyfriend etc, but i mean someone who's sat on the table next to me sharing the jobs... i know id probably hate it once i had a partner, but i could really do with someone cutting things and i sew them up, or vise versa, or someone to overlock after iv sewed..yanno? so its done FASTER. Iv been talking, or rather moaning to mum about it..and shes a pretty good woman to bounce ideas off.. anyway, so shes been calling me ALL day, keeps having new ideas, or seeing things..well, she just told me about a service she read about in the times magazine or is this:

Henry Herbert of Saville Row, London have started offering a come to you service for personal tailoring. they have a fleet of tailors who are sent out on Vespa scooters (i know!! ^_^). Now, it is saville row after all, so its pricey, BUT you get a man who comes to your house with chalk pins and a tape measure..and probably a sample book, measures you, fits you and then goes away again to make your suit/shirt whatever.

Henry Herbert website :)

WHAT AN AWESOME IDEA!!! i want a vespa and a little bag full of seamstressy/tailoressy bits, and to travel to someone and make them whatever they want..what would be even better would be being able to charge £89 for a shirt and £595 for a suit...mmyes. sooo yes, i thought id share that with you :)

love xxxx

Monday, 15 March 2010

red hair dying times...

hello hello :) so....i dyed it red! im just working out how much i like it..?
here are some before during and after pics for your enjoyment

before...thick and bed hair like. 10 am.

This is the gorgeous 'development cap'...we wont say what it reminds us of. 10.45 am

this is during the bleach sans hat, couldnt stop giggling at myself and the dog thought it was BRILLIANT we took it off :) 11 am.

SO, this is what i looked like when it was washed and dried. 1 pm
(yesterday we went to the cinema as the boy hadn't seen it yet, so i put a hat on to cover le roots, i was of the opinion i looked like a sunset) (yes, im aware i would be sat in a dark room for 3 hours but we had to walk TO the cinema past the popcorn guy and the ticket guy..and lookit..i looked like a mermaid) 2.30 pm


I woke up this morning and decided to RED IT UP! et voila...

and it now looks like this...
(im not sure i like my face in this pic. it looks weird...)

im not sure i like it? its not like it was a few years ago...and not because i bleached my hair first, the colour in the bottle was looked like a bottle of BRIGHT fake blood. ill take some decent non crappy pics of it soon.

and that is all :)

love love love love annnddd some love :)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

one day

Today was one of those lovely days...
  • we walked in Leamington, around the new house area, to see what the walk might be like...with the dog :) she enjoyed it :)
  • found a wool shop that sells beeaaauuutttiful wool :D
  • saw a beeaaauuttiifffullll (and i MEAN beautiful!) dilapidated house, i thought it was just SO beautiful, and i googled it, to see if i could find WHY no one appeared to be loving it? and i found nothing except for how many bedrooms it has and an average price; 7 BEDROOMS!!! 3 bathrooms, 3 reception rooms, a drive way AND a garden, an because its so scrappy..its £288,000...if i had money, id be IN there loving it and make a cutesy chinsey b&b, because Leamington doesn't seem to have any of those? ONE DAY ill have one :)
  • had amazing thai food in front of the fire in the living room
  • saw my old kitty, who moved next door a few years ago to live with their cats :) and it made me realise how much i miss kitty cats, little paws and glowing eyes..
and all in all im very very happy :).
tomorrow were going to see avatar because tom hasn't seen it yet :) i urge you to see it..its very nicely done. and thheeeennn to see his mum for mothers day, nice weekend :)

much love and many kisses

Thursday, 11 March 2010

old and comfortable

another quick one...

the clearing of the garden is still commencing, ill post some before and after pics so you can see all our hard work..weve got a pile of scrap metal lined up awaiting collection and i noticed these two wheel barrows..

To me, they look like an old couple, comfortable with each other..lifelong companions. I know most of you will go ''ermm...Liz..lovely..darling..babycakes..they're wheelbarrows, get out of the house''..but i don't care. they look cute ^_^


Saturday, 6 March 2010


this belt...gaudy? or pretty?? pretty gaudy? i saw it a few weekends ago in River Island in Bath and fell inlove with its..ickyness. the pale granny colours and bows are rosettes make it BLURGH, but then the diamante scorpian and moths bring it back..i think anyway. i print screened the above pic off the site and pasted it together...i went back to the site this week and it was gone! i went into the store and it was sold out! except for one return, W/ i bought it :D yyaayyyyyyyyy!!! i got it to go with a dress i havn't yet bought...for my biiiiirthday! nothing like working from an accessory for an outfit :D

thats all!!!


make love not porn


TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. Along with the annual TED Conference in Long Beach, California, and the TEDGlobal conference in Oxford UK, TED includes the award-winning TEDTalks video site, the Open Translation Program, the new TEDx community program, this year's TEDIndia Conference and the annual TED Prize.

last year i did a post on a woman called Aimee Mullins who i found on the TEDtv channel on youtube. amazing. today i was browsing through and i found the video from the top of this post. from the video, i went to her website. AMAZING. That's all i have to say. brave lady!

kisses xxxxx

Friday, 5 March 2010

MORE hair dying info

I link people on my fb feed upto my blog whenever i of my friends just posted a comment to my profile with this brilliant piece of advice:

''...and noticed your dying your hair red, iv found washing my hair in cold water helps the dye stay in for longer and when dying my hair i leave the dye in till its dry (as long as it doesnt have any ammonia or peroxide in it!)...''

AWESOME. Kt has been dying her hair sinse she was 13 (7 years!) so shes a good source!
She uses:
  • Stargazer hair dyes
  • Jerome Russel bleach
  • as you can see, she has naturally really dark hair, so after shes dyed her hair colour of choice, she dyes the rest black to stop the sun bleaching it lighter.
  • washes it in cold water
  • dyes her hair every 5-6 weeks
  • uses colour cair conditioner
  • bleaches her roots every 3 months or so.
So, there ya go! use whatever you want, just follow the instructions, wash your hair in cold water, use a colour care conditioner, et voila...dye that stayes a little longer.

i also suggest, when in the sun..use a UV protection shampoo

lovelovelove and stuff
and thanks to kt!


Thursday, 4 March 2010

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

if music be the food of love, play on....

I bloody love listening to music in my head phones...i had some super cool ones, with furry zebra print innards to keep my ears cosy. but our dog ate the wire...SHITBAG. so i had none for a while :( booooooo! But then my man gave me an old pair. how kind :). So was an inside my head music day...Tracy Chapman to be specific. She will always remind me my best friend, Mr. Bo D. he got me through the toughest time of my life. We went from interest to lovers quickly and then catastrophe hit and i clung to him like a limpet to a rock. Its quite a miracle he didn't run off screaming, most men would've. but through our relationship we both learned SO much..(he learned more than me i think ;)) ANYWAY, many people think its weird that i can remain friends with an ex, but we never had that kind of relationship, we were never going to be forever or anything..but theres a lot to be said for being friends through a relationship, most couples arn't. ANYWAY OFF TOPIC..(kind of) so i thought, i wanna listen to Tracy Chapman and so i did and it made me think of Bo because it introduced me to her..and the music always takes me back to him. do you have that? a song that immediately takes you back to a moment or a person? tell me what it is and what moment you go to or who it reminds you of...:)

Music has a far greater potency - it can make time more immediate
whilst simultaneously placing you effortlessly back to a moment.
Songs become a blueprint for your own personal mind map.
There is always room for reinterpretation of a song
because every radically different human being
has his or her own collective and energy filled lifetime to impress upon it.
Music takes hold, and it is far more dangerous than nostalgia.
Good times or bad times can be returned to with startling clarity,
but it is the moment that becomes important, where life is meant to be,
for there can be no lie in a sweet melody or an evil groove.
by Jamie Cullum

nice this my playlist on spotify at the minute, dont know if thats worked? well seee..anyway, yes..if you organise the music to play in order of time, i start my day off with some older songs, that mingle into some newer always surprises me and makes me happy :)

musical kisses

Monday, 1 March 2010

getting going

This is the wood next to my house, ill miss this next spring...
this sun this morning made me think how much i really will miss here.

this morning we emptied the shed at the top of the garden ready to was sad, but also good getting it TIDIED. Man, i love organisation...i can't lie..i do. anyway, so we cleared out all the wood, it looked like this:


and the 'empty' (emptier) shed looks like this now :)

sorry about bad quality..but yes, tis emptier now :) theres a BEAUTIFUL bottle green velvet wingback chair with MOULD AND MUSHROOMS on it, ewwwwww...but im going to dry it out and salvage it for the frame :) and learn to upholster. and a fireside chair thats been stripped down. and a rabbit hutch. and some old tea crates mums going to turn into nesting boxes for her chucks :)

first step toward places being emptied.

My lovely bought these back for me :)
a lovely surprise for me when i got out of the shower :D



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