Friday, 25 June 2010

the bright side

i love 'the bright side' cards
They all say a lovely little things.... worded like sentences with too many words, like:


anyway...on the back it says this:

Be nice
Think happy thoughts
champion silver linings
(not just cute things
like babies and kittens)
& when you do love - love
like they do in power ballads

(you know, like on a cliff
with the wind in your hair
and your eyes shut.
knowing you'll never know
another love like this)

watch out for dogpoo
smile at people-even grumpy ones
be nice
(oh i said that already)
remember that anything is possible
& whatever you do always try to
look on
the bright side

so yeah :)
take inspiration!!


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

bee happy

image from here

Have you heard about the plight of the bees? They are disappearing .. yes literally, disappearing! It's like a mysterious horror film, there are no bodies! Entire colonies of bees disappearing. No bodies, no apparent causes, no evidence ... nothing! Do you know that some scientists are saying that if all the bees die, then so do we! A chilling thought.

It has been reported this year, that the USA has suffered losses for the third year running, of a third of their native honey bee population - that's alorralorralorra bees! Our British bees are slightly - but only slightly - better off. More bees survived our winter than expected, but we are still losing more colonies than is comfortable, instead of 7-8% loss in a normal winter, we are losing around 17%. It's too much.

The latest thoughts are that bees brains are being damaged by pesticide cocktails which are affecting them in such subtle ways that we haven't noticed, but it means that they have become unable to communicate with eachother, or navigate effectivily to reach any food sources. This explains the 'no body' syndrome - bees could just be dropping where they are from starvation or exhaustion. It's an idea which has been given lots of funding but hasn't been explored properly yet. I'm hoping they've found at least the germ of the cause though, because a world without bees, is no world at all.

Sometime last year, I watched a programme by Sarah Raven in which she described a "River of Flowers" where, in order to save our disappearing native meadow plants and to create nectar rich corridors for our bees, butterflies and birds, we plant wild and native flowers wherever we can, to bridge the gaps between meadows caused by urbanisation. Why restrict this idea to native and wild plants? Any flowers are better than no flowers, and any bees are better than no bees. Without honey bees and other insects to pollinate our crops, a huge part of the food chain collapses, and our planet changes beyond anything we could easily cope with.

This year, I am mostly inspired by the wonderful Alys Fowler and her Edible Garden series - I know lots of you have been as glued to it as I have been, and although i've been living the 'grow your own/simple things' lifestyle for years, there is still much to inspire here, because Alys is so passionate about her craft, she passes on her knowledge and new ideas, generously, effortlessly and in such a convincing way, that she has me pulling on my wellies faster than you can say 'pass the trowl'.

image from here

As we hurtle towards the first harvests, we can use our intention to create a mass of energy for bee preservation. We swap seeds, we plant flowers and food, we share hints and tips and recipes, we provide lots of pesticide free nectar for the bees in our gardens, our environments, our communities, and by doing so, improve the wider environment for all pollinating insects and therefore preserve our own quality of life.

In summary, this is an opportunity to make some magic happen.

Magic is intention to create change.

To make this magic we share the gift of life by sharing flower seeds from our gardens, and food seeds from our vegetable plots, all bound with the intention that bees everywhere survive the strange phenomenon which is killing them, so that we and the world may never hunger.

By planting wherever we can and however we can, we can each contribute to helping our bees cope with the pressures of life in the 21st century, and by planting seeds which will grow into food we can eat, we can not only see the results of the bees work first hand and the importance of what they do, we can also ease the carbon burden on our world and stimulate our tastebuds! The bonus to all of this is that we can feel the ultimate satisfaction of being able to survive in spite of Tesco!

Lets do some magic for the bees and swap some seeds again! Here are the rules - much the same as last year:

Please include in your package:
  • Flower seeds and vegetable seeds from your garden or your neighbourhood ie: not from a packet - don't feel you have to send a whole field load!! A couple varieties of each will be fine.
  • A recipe for the harvest should also be included
  • Your favourite organic gardening tip
  • Something crafty in your parcel which has a 'bee' theme. This can be a homemade gift, or some crafty bee inspired bits which your swap partner can make things with.

I have made am making a button which I will put up later today, or tomorrow - please put this on your blog and spread the word! I would really love lots of people to sign up for this.

In the meantime, Bee articles of interest:

Extract from the book "A World Without Bees"
Shock figures from America - article about the US bee decline
Bee Part of it - BBC campaign with Spring Watch
Bee decline could be down to chemical cocktail - article posing the idea that it could be pesticides
Action not Research is Needed to Save our Polinators - article outlining better ways to spend the £10m which has been put aside for research into the bee decline.
Is there any hope out there for our bees? - an invitation to send in bee stories
Bee decline threatens our dinner - old article from The Telegraph in 2007
Google "bee decline" - for scary reading!

GOSH!! i already knew about the bee decline, but reading it from a lady who isnt a scientist makes me very very sad.

know what needs to happen?

  • everyone needs to grow fruit and veg, or rather..perhaps just one type of veg, and they need to share with the entire street. - this would get rid of pesticides of mass produced vegies - did you know tesco keep your veg at a certain low temperature for upto SIX MONTHS???? and then bring the temp up slowly to the chilled veg section temperature, and then you take it home and refrigerate it...mmmmyummy! :S go to tesco and buy...some carrots, or peppers? and take them home and dont put them in the fridge, watch what happens REALLY quickly. grow your own man!!

  • we need more traders and less shops.. creating competition and cheaper prices, but panic not..because people are paying less doesn't mean you'll get less for your trade, oh no... you will have more custom because there are less huge shops to do it for cheap... yeah its cheap, but its CRAP and some child had to make it or be beaten... ignorance is bliss eh? also..the 'stuff' you buy wont last as long as something you pay a little more for and get made.. or.. go buy a sewing machine! and make stuff yourself. the hours you'd spend shopping, or watching tv or facebooking or whatever..learn to sew!! swap the stuff you sewed for a hair cut off or a new..bird feeder. or whatever.

  • people need to be kind to each other... if everyone was kind and didn't mind helping people EVERYONE would get helped and less people would be bitter for having to do everything themselves.
  • so..we need... gardeners, seamstresses, , nutritionists, natural healers and doctors, obviously we need bee keepers! spiritualists and scientists, hair dressers, dentists, comedians, musicians, anndd... im not sure what else. what else? we gather these people up aaannnddd go and live on an island somewhere? yes? somewhere warm? but with soil not sand... ill think on it ;) the bees!!!

Friday, 18 June 2010

yay :D

My First Award ^_^

The wonderfully awesome Carmen has awarded me the cherry on top award, its my first one and im actually all gooey inside that she reads and comments on my blog on a regular basis, w00t! For all you fellow crafty, sewy, knitty people, check out her blog, she knits, and crochets!! and many many more cute things ^_^

Rules of this award are:

1. Thanks the person who gave this award to you. thankyou, merci, grazie, gracias, danke, TA Carmen!!

2.Copy the award and put it on your blog.

3.List 3 things which you love about your self.

4.Post a picture you love.

5.Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to.

okaayy, three things i love about myself? hmmmm...
1) I can pattern cut, so many people HATE IT, but i love it :) its methodical and can be as intricate or simple as you like
2) I can cook :) if food is crucial for survival, might as well make it good food!
3) I love

a picture i love...
(goes and searches through the hundreds...)
i have too many photos i love, but this one today came to mind :)

and 5 people i love to read about...

have a nice day :)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


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Monday, 14 June 2010

inspiring space

Remember when you were 14 and
thought it would be just a FAB idea
to 'marry' one of your best friends,
getting wed by one of your friends
who got 'ordained' on the internet?

well, yes..obviously i was one of those kids :) it was fun at the time...
ANYway, i married lizzy :)
we both had blond hair,
we both love Audrey H
we both are called lizzy
yada yada. so yes..
anyway...iv been awesome friends with lizzyloo sinse then
and thought id do a blog on her impeccable sense of style!
i helped her sort her 'life' out last week;
we emtied all the bags from uni, clothes, pictures, general bedroom items
and thought people might like to see her room, its lovely..considering she doesnt live there for 9 months of the year.

view of her room from the bathroom door/wardrobe anex bit..

bedside lamp, yes, the 'table' is a tower of vogues..

bedside mirror :)little pretties :) always inspiring

bedside shelf, diaries, good books, keepsakes and perfume

THE desk. beautiful antique desk, perfumes, jewellery, style books,
and obligatory festival guide etc :)

These pictures don't do it justice
Its homey come contemporary come stylish come awesome.
Lizzy style :)

it did make me sad when we were organising her space..
knowing my bedroom will never be like that kind of thing ever
again :(
i love living with my boy, but it means compromising
on our space, and he wouldn't like living in a space
like this.


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

underwater love

i want a camera capable of taking underwater pictures..
feet on pebbles
floaty hair
floaty dresses
fish/water weeds/froggys

<3 xxxxxxxxx

Monday, 7 June 2010

remote control

What do you call yours?

so far we have...
  1. diggers
  2. zapper
  3. think stick
  4. buttons
  5. tele changers
  6. remote
  7. dooffer
  8. wotsit
  9. channel changer
  10. ctrl
  11. oodgmflip
  12. mandinka
  13. converter
  14. clicker
  15. changer
  16. flipper
  17. didge
  18. doo-flicker
  19. blipper
  20. melly
  21. mote
  22. trolls
  23. hoofer-doofer
  24. onner-offer
  25. doobly
  26. twitcher
  27. wand
  28. diddleywonker
  29. boomfer
  30. dobby
  31. thingy
  32. thingymabob.
  33. chuffer
  34. doobery-chuff
  35. blinky
leave me your own invented words! :)



As both books and classic red phone booths are becoming a thing of the past, a village in Somerset, England has merged the two rare commodities.

The bright red old phone booth was purchased for just 1 pound and remodeled as the smallest library in the world. Residents line up to swap their already read books for new ones left by other patrons. Over 100 books and a variety of movies and music CDs are available at this tiny library.






original story

I wish everywhere had one of these!!!

When i moved, i realised just how many books i have, (a lot for my age..i think, anyway)
i donated a lot, kept the ones i enjoyed, but now, i have no room for them..

i was looking for a book swap near here, Starbucks do one, but they're old books no one wants, not old books people want to share..and websites you have to join, advertise books you want to give away, wait for someone to want it, ask for it, then give you feeback where you gain points and can in turn ask for books... TOO much hassel for meeee, i just want to READ! anyway...

if there were a few of these dotted about, id love it!

like an awesome, better, no pressure library!



Sunday, 6 June 2010


O COURTESANS, Love's witching, wild priestesses,
You charm the universe from end to end!
Heroes are always fettered by your tresses,
Kings for their pleasure on your bed depend.

Your pose is graceful, and your nostril quivers,
Your feet go dancing, and your deep eyes burn,
Your supple bodies bend like reeds of rivers,
Your robes like incense round about you turn.

Poor men are full of anger when they see you
Come from your segregation of disgrace,
Matrons cast envious eyes at you and flee you,
And the wise, scolding, turn away their face.

But still the sighs of boys with passion paling
Soar up to you in sultry evenings when
You pass, the dreams of lonely artists trailing,
And gray regrets of amorous old men;

And long, strong sighs of young men sick and ailing,
Whose blood chafes at the scent the summer floats,
Longing to take your breasts like fruits, inhaling
Love in the odour of your petticoats.

again for my boy.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

my kind of woman

im not sure who this is by...but i love it..

''I was perhaps 9 years old when it happened.

I had a terrible habit as a kid to want to sleep in until the last possible moment. Ok, who am I kidding? I still do that. I'm usually about 30 seconds late for work everyday. But when I was a kid, this drove my mother to the brink of sanity. She put up with it for a long time, always managing to get me roused and dressed, books in hand and out the door for school just in the nick of time. Sometimes she'd peek her head in my bedroom door every 10 minutes and check in, making sure I was on track. And generally I managed to get myself together with seconds to spare. But there WAS that one time...

Mom: "Sweetie, it's time to get up and get dressed."
Me: "Uhhhhaaaaaaaaaaamffff..."

Mom: "Honey, we have to leave at 7:30 if we're going to get you to school on time. Please get up and start getting dressed or you won't have time for breakfast!"
Me: "Ushdfgakjasgh..."

Mom: "Justin, get out of bed. I mean it. You're already going to be pressed for time to eat breakfast. We're leaving at 7:30, whether you're ready or not."
Me: "Arrrrggghh...Ok, I'm up, I'm up."

Mom: "Sweetie, are you dressed yet? I've got your breakfast ready..."
Me: "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..."
Mom: "DAMN IT! Wake UP and get READY!!! I swear to you Justin, we're leaving here at 7:30. I don't care if you miss your breakfast. I don't care if you aren't dressed for school."
Me: "Ok, sorry...sorry. I'm up."

Mom: "Are you still awake? Good...why aren't you dressed? Get dressed NOW or you're going in your underwear."
Me: "Ok."

Mom: "Alright, let's go. Grab your backpack."
Me: "But Mom, I'm not ready..."
Mom: "Tough."

She grabbed me by the arm and escorted me out the front door. No shoes, no shirt, not a stitch of clothing besides my tighty whities. She held me by the wrist and led me to the car. I can't remember this very clearly because I was somewhat upset. I do remember that I was crying uncontrollably. Likely pleading and begging in some fashion. She put me in the back seat, got in, and drove away casually as if nothing in the world was out of place. And as I began to calm somewhat, I sat, mostly naked and full of fear, in the back seat pondering my next move. I didn't have any more outs. I had no clothing and no plan. I was fucked. I was going to school in my underwear.

Never once did it cross my mind that this could be a bluff. My mother didn't bluff. She wasn't turning the car around. Heck, we were halfway to school already! Here I was, in my undies and headed toward certain ridicule and major embarrassment of the worst kind, the ridicule of grade-school peers. And all because I'd chosen to sleep when I should have been getting dressed. When I should have been enjoying a nutritious breakfast. I slept this upon myself. I had learned my lesson. It wouldn't happen again. I'd always get up from now on at first call. Various other reasoning and begging followed. I gazed into the rearview mirror, looking her in the eyes. I grovelled. And she stared back and me, cold and firm in her resolution.

We pulled into the driveway of my school, and up the lane to the front doors; the main car-rider drop off point. My mother didn't even put the car in park. She just looked at me expectantly in the rearview. Not a speck of emotion. "Well?...," said her eyes. I began to cry again. She put the car in park, killed the engine, unfastened her seatbelt, and got out. I was completely prepared. I had mentally readied myself to be dragged from the car, in a cliched kicking and screamingworst child ever. And she handed me the brown bag with my clothes inside. "Get dressed." fashion. My mother went around back of the car and opened the trunk, from which she removed a brown paper grocery bag. She came back around to the side and opened my door. She stood there looking at me, like I was the

Twas indeed the last time I ever failed to hearken to my mother's wakeup call.''



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