Sunday, 20 December 2009

im such a lucky girl!!

For Christmas, two of my friends...MADE ME WEBSITE WITH A HOSTING ADDRESSSSSSS :D i am SO happy!

Tim had been messaging me for a few weeks about what id have on a website if i could, colours etc etc, because hes a computer programmer and said he'd build me a website so he could practice being creative rather than functional. So he'd done a few practice bits and bobs and showed me, and i told him what i liked and what i didnt etc. and THEN...

i went to phils last night and tim said there was a webpage up he wanted me to see, see what i thought..aannddd there it was!
and here it is..

my lovely little website :D

go take a look :) its essentially my blog on a webpage, but now i have a page, my VERY OWN PAGE!!! a personal address, awesome. yay!!

so yes..go take a look :) see what you think!

liz fiz x

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

nothing in life worth having comes easy


check out my new blog :)


im on twitter now...
not sure how i feel about twitter yet? but i'm going to be updating what i'm doing within my business daily..just in case any of you are interested ;)

a few days ago i cut apart a tweed jacket to make into a corset, and still have the lining, which is only polyester, but it feels like a cotton/silk mix..and the sleeve linings are silk, so i'm going to make a little top/smock thing today :) the greens are beautiful earthy colours, like a field and trees after the rain. cant wait :D

alllssooo, for anyone crafty that happens upon here..this is awesome and inspiring.

i keep having dreams about the end of the world at the minute...strange one.

aaaaaannndddd. yes, today im excited, i feel like things are moving :) but im fully aware also that things DO go wrong, but ''nothing in life worth having comes easy''...and id rather being doing what i love with bits going wrong, than depressed in a job where theres nothing happening for it to go wrong.
so yes.

more later.
love and love and love and stuff

Sunday, 6 December 2009

inner sun :)

i get weekly tarot readings from a really good tarot reading
website called, a lot of people think
tarot readings over the net are phoney etc, but as tarot is
left up to fate, i believe it could work. ANYWAY, so i get
emails from them with a weekly tarot message, and i thought
the one i got today, was worth sharing, i really like it :)

As I was relaxing, enjoying the warm sun upon my face today
I thought about the joy, energy and vitality that sunshine

The same vitality, joy and energy can be found with your
inner sun, and knowing how to draw on this energy can help
you dispel your own dark clouds caused by mixed emotions
and confusion.

The Sun is one of my favorite Tarot cards as it is so
positive and joyful, and whenever it appears in my reading
it conjures up hope and joy in my heart.

The Sun suggests happiness through enjoying time with
family, friends and loved ones, or perhaps holidays and
celebrations - if youe not enjoying yourself in such a
way, this card is suggesting you should!!

The Sun generally indicates good news concerning children,
and can herald the wonderful gift of the conception or
birth of a much wanted child, so if you are hoping for or
planning to start a family, look out for this card in your

It is a card of good health, joyful emotions and lust for
life ?for me it represents the very essence of life at its

It is our ability to let our own inner sun shine that can
make such a difference; we are naturally drawn to people
who are happy and positive - those with a unny
disposition? When you can transcend negative thoughts and
feelings, and instead think and feel more positively, it
creates a totally different energy.

You can use the Lotus Chakra members?reading to help focus
on your inner sun Chakra.

Look out for when the sun comes up in your readings, and
when it does ask yourself

m I being positive and enthusiastic about my life??
o people see me as happy and joyful??

When you have days where you cannot see through the clouds
of confusion or your heart weighs heavy with dark emotions,
look inwards and focus on letting your inner sun shine, and
dispel those negative thoughts and emotions.

Love and Joy,

P.S. Don't forget to check out 'The 5 Tibetan Rites'.

These are genuine, simple exercises that literally make you

After just one week of doing the exercises every morning
for only 5 minutes, David (our webmaster) said he found he
was sleeping less, felt great and had already lost a little
weight ... WOW!

Use this link:

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


AMAZING. if i could go to TED, id be there in an instant. there is so much to learn!

Monday, 23 November 2009


For a few months now, iv been following the blog of a mother to a crystal child, and its one of the most fascinating blogs iv ever come across. Alexis manages to share funny stories that always include insight of some sort without getting heavy. her blog link is in the side bar or here. i find her writing style really easy to read, and she thankfully checks through it for typos :). anyway, there have been a few posts on meditations recently, don't be scared by the mention that they're for mums, i do them and they're fab! really awesome...anyway, here's the latest one i felt compelled to post.

i highly recommend doing the two other meditations as well! i find the molten gold really works for me.

anyway, here it is :)

''This is part three of my series on meditation for moms. Read here for part one, in which I outline a grounding exercise to get you started, and here for part two, in which I describe the process of running your energy to clear out the energetic clutter in your system. These are the first two stages in my morning meditation practice. Once I've grounded myself and run my energy, I'm ready to focus on each chakra.

A chakra is basically an energetic center in the physical body, and each one corresponds to a different aspect of ourselves. I like to think of chakras as spherical battery packs. When we open ourselves up to universal energy, spirit, God, whatever you want to call your source, it's like plugging our batteries into a master charger. It powers us up and helps us run better. When we go for a while without charging our batteries, things start to malfunction and, just like our children's toys, we start to slow down, say things we didn't intend to say, make weird noises. In the process, we make life annoying for everyone else around us.

Depending on which spiritual tradition you consult, there are seven or eight of these chakras, and some say there are many more. The number of chakras most people are familiar with is seven, and that's what I generally work with. I picture them as layers of energy spinning in all directions within a sphere – sort of like a cross between those old science models of electrons orbiting the nucleus of an atom and round gears like in a clock. When I power them up, they spin quickly, gain momentum, and their light glows brightly. When I haven't recharged in a while, it's like the gears get stuck and can't move freely like they're supposed to, and then they don't light up.

There are many ways of working with the chakras. For brevity's sake, I'm going to keep it simple to get you started. Ready?

Chakra Focus

1st Chakra – Root or Base Chakra

Where is it? To figure out where your root chakra is located, sit upright on a hard chair. That part of you that touches the chair is where your base or root chakra is located.

What's this chakra about? This chakra connects you to earth energy, and relates to issues of safety and survival. The color of this chakra is red.

What do I do with it? Take your attention to this area. Imagine the red sphere turning in a counterclockwise direction. As it turns, imagine it glowing brighter (red) and growing bigger. Once it feels like it's spinning freely, enjoy that movement for a moment, and then reverse the direction of the sphere.

2nd Chakra – Sacral Chakra

Where is it? It's basically where your uterus sits (if you're not currently pregnant).

What's this chakra about? Guess! It's about creation, (as in creating babies) and personal power. It's orange. For a ton of great information on the 2nd chakra and its powerful significance for women, visit Mommy Mystic's blog. This post might be a good place to start. (Also, her mp3 guided chakra meditation series is fantastic! I use her mp3s often when I find myself a bit scattered and unable to focus on my own. )

What do I do with it? Just like with the 1st chakra, take your attention to this area. Imagine the orange sphere turning in a counterclockwise direction. As it turns, imagine it glowing brighter (orange) and growing bigger. Once it feels like it's spinning freely, enjoy that movement for a moment, and then reverse the direction of the sphere. An additional thing I like to do, especially for this chakra, is to imagine the spinning action to act like a vortex drawing back in all of the energy I've leaked out from this chakra; drawing back my power. As women, we give a lot away from this energy center.

3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra

Where is it? Point to where you feel it when you get a "gut feeling." That's where this one is. (If you don't get gut feelings, it's in your belly.)

What's this chakra about? This chakra is about emotion, personality, and action toward goals. I imagine it like a big yellow sun that beams its energy out to the world and receives beams of energy back. This chakra acts as a receiver for nonverbal information. Some of us feel our intuition strongest through this chakra.

What do I do with it? Just like with the others, take your attention to this area. Imagine the yellow sphere turning in a counterclockwise direction. As it turns, imagine it glowing brighter (yellow) and growing bigger. Once it feels like it's spinning freely, enjoy that movement for a moment, and then reverse the direction of the sphere.

4th Chakra – Heart Chakra

Where is it? This chakra is generally in the same place as your heart, but right in the center of your chest and a bit higher than where the physical heart sits. Try this: Without thinking about it, say "me" and point to yourself. That's your heart chakra you're pointing to.

What's this chakra about? This one is about love and compassion, particularly self-love. It's green.

What do I do with it? Take your attention to this area. Imagine the green sphere turning in a counterclockwise direction. As it turns, imagine it glowing brighter (green) and growing bigger. Once it feels like it's spinning freely, enjoy that movement for a moment, and then reverse the direction of the sphere. An additional thing I like to do for this chakra is to imagine my favorite flower (a gerber daisy) as a tight little bud. As I breathe into the heart chakra, I imagine the flower opening wide, and I feel the physical sensation of opening this chakra. Once I feel that tingly open feeling, I send that open, loving energy to someone I love, or someone in need of love, and I imagine it flowing back and forth between us in waves, the energy intensifying as in goes from one to the other. You can use your favorite flower. If you want to learn more about why this works so well, (and it does!) read up on Heartmath.

5th Chakra – Throat Chakra

Where is it? There aren't many options here. It's in your throat.

What's this chakra about? This chakra is about expression and communication. It's a bright sky-blue.

What do I do with it? Take your attention to this area. Imagine the bright blue sphere turning in a counterclockwise direction. As it turns, imagine it glowing brighter (blue) and growing bigger. Just because it's in your throat, doesn't mean it's smaller than the others. It can extend far past your physical body. Once it feels like it's spinning freely, enjoy that movement for a moment, and then reverse the direction of the sphere. If you're feeling blocked in this area, like you can't express who you really are or what you really feel, you can do some different breathing while you're focused on this chakra. As you exhale, try making some loud sighing noises or saying, "haaah!" to physically support the clearing of this energy.

6th Chakra – Third Eye Chakra

Where is it? This one is between and slightly above your eyes.

What's this chakra about? This chakra is about intuition, intelligence and perception. It helps us develop our psychic abilities. While the 3rd chakra governs the "gut feeling" kind of intuition, the 6th chakra relates to more clearly seeing the truth, and being able to perceive things about people and events without a logical way of knowing. People with well-developed psychic abilities "see" and receive intuitive information through their third eye. It's a deep purply-blue, or indigo.

What do I do with it? Take your attention to this area. Imagine the indigo blue sphere turning in a counterclockwise direction. As it turns, imagine it glowing brighter (indigo) and growing bigger. Once it feels like it's spinning freely, enjoy that movement for a moment, and then reverse the direction of the sphere.

7th Chakra – Crown Chakra

Where is it? This one sits at the crown of your head.

What's this chakra about? This chakra represents our connection to the divine, and is most often depicted as a thousand-petalled lotus, wide open to receive universal energy and support. It is either lavender or white. I like to see it as an iridescent, sparkly white with lavender undertones. J

What do I do with it? Take your attention to this area. Imagine a giant sparkling lotus with its open petals supporting a large white sphere turning in a counterclockwise direction. As it turns, imagine it glowing brighter (white) and growing bigger. Once it feels like it's spinning freely, enjoy that movement for a moment, and then reverse the direction of the sphere.

When you've completed powering up all seven chakras, imagine closing a little window in front of all but the 1st and 7th chakras. In other words, the chakras keep spinning, but you've protected them from the energy of other people and events. To use the battery metaphor again, you're putting a little plug protector on them so others can't plug into your vibrant energy and drain it. However, always keep your root chakra open to keep you grounded to earth energy, and your crown chakra open to keep you connected to universal energy.

Whew! That was a lot of information for one blog post. Once you do this a few times, you'll remember the chakras and colors and it won't take you long at all to power them all up. It's not really that crucial to remember the meanings of each of the chakras at this point. You'll feel the results either way.

Let me know how this feels for you. I'd also love to know if this was clear or confusing for you. This is subtle work, and translating it into words is more challenging than I'd thought. I'd like to include a version of this in my book, and your feedback on how I communicated these concepts would be really helpful. Thanks!

Happy meditating''

i hope everyone enjoys that :)

love, liz x

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

palmestry - my own notes

now I'm copying straight from my notes on Monday night :)

to the dedicated palm reader, its not just about lines and mounts. the colour texture, size and shape also contribute to the overall understanding of the essence of the sitter. the general proportions of the hand give indications on the personality of the owner and will give an overarching picture of their character - even a few little traits you would rather then not know about. except for injuries and diseases hat can later the shape of the fingers drastically, unnaturally bent fingers can indicated fibbers, gamblers or alcoholics for instance.

it must be remembered that as with tarot, the lines etc, should be read in relation to the other lines present, as a small mark on that line or elsewhere can strengthen or weaken the affect of that line being analysed.

first, look at the general shape and texture, for instance, its fairy easy to detect the outdoorsy labourer, agricultural worker or craftsman, as their hands tend to be rather firm, fairly rough and sometimes calloused to the touch, and practical, as opposed to the hands of a person who works in an office. the length of the fingers in comparison to the palm; the shape and dexterity of the thumb, the setting and spacing of the fingers and thumb with regard to the palm; the thickness of the palm (side on) and the length of the phalanges all have their special meanings.

with the use of a magnifying glass, the fingerprints, whorls and swirls, loops and arches, can be seen and each small pattern unlocks more facets in the sitters character.

it is well to remember that, as with the other areas of divination, it is necessary to be tactful, diplomatic, sensitive and kind. the hand only presents possibilities, some probabilities and character traits, not certainties so beware of 'self fulfilling prophecies'. yes, occasionally you will see some unsavoury thing; even serious illness and death, but it is only ONE possible future!! there are many ways to discuss the subject in a roundabout way - for instance, if they volunteer info such as a history of heart trouble suggest a healthier diet, if in doubt say nothing, seek advice from a professional reader/clairvoyant.

marks that can be found on the lines

BARS AND DOTS - hindrances - willpower will be requires to overcome and move forward during this period.

CROSSES - is an indication of more significant to somewhat longer lasting problems. accidents, job loss, divorce, (check other lines..not all info like this is bad. you might lose your job yes, because your going to get a better one, you might have an accident, and meet the man of your dreams in the hospital...everything happens for a reason) (also, one cross doesn't mean bad, all the other lines on your hand could change that one thing)
SQUARES - indicated protection and good health, a very good mark

CHAIN - confusion! trying to do too much and once, excessive majour multitasking

ISLAND(a loop within the lines) - energy temporarily diverges and is a sign that the person has taken on more than they can realistically handle, but are capable of pulling it off. if found on the lie line, this is an indication of a serious but treatable illness.

TASSEL - a scattering of the power of the line it terminates.

FORK - on a major line this indicated an increased possibility of success in love life or career

STAR - on the life line - a gain (birth) and a loss (death) of a relative - whichever, it will be balanced by the other

CIRCLE - on the life line this can indicate a problem with the eyes

other lines and their meanings are in the book in the link...from page 80 onward.
palm reading for beginners (google book)
(be aware there is a maximum amount of time the same IP address can go back to one book.)

the mounts on their meanings
to a greater degree the meanings of the mounts are links in to the astrology and the zodiac. the same qualities that were attributed to the planets are thus accredited to the mounts of the hand that the Greeks names them after:
VENUS - love sensuality and passion - thumb
MOON - imagination, romance and changeability - outside palm
MARS - vitality - in between thumb and finger and the opposite side in the same place (base of little finger)
MERCURY - mentality, commerce and science - little finger
SUN - brilliancy fruitfulness and success - ring finger

general shapes of hands
the hand is divided into four groups. however in real life a hand can be a mixture of any of the four.
POINTED - this is the hand of a psychic - a narrow hand with long fine fingers. it shows keen intuitive faculties, and a natural 6th sense.
CONICAL - this is the artistic hand, less pointed and a rather more practical shape. extremely visual, artistic and sensual by nature.
SPATULATE - the palm widens out from a narrow base. the owner of this hand gets things done and they will do whatever is necessary to success and are persistent. they hate time wasting.
SQUARE - the useful hand - they need to be needed, a good logical thinking pattern combines with a good mechanical sense. hey are often very busy physically.

finger shapes
POINTED - refined, highly developed aesthetic sense, good taste, evident in dress and homes - but finicky and precise.
CONICAL - wise souls with a gentle nature - they are willing to lend a hand and help out. they posses a great inner knowledge to other peoples problems.
SQUARE - these people would prefer a simple life and simple pleasures to be happy. they are excellent workers who would do well in any field of business. they scrupulously fair in their approach and their dealings with others.
SPATULATE - these belong to highly intelligent and witty folk with a dry sense of humour and are mentally versatile. they enjoy travel but tend to be workaholics. they are adaptable and are about to handle most situations and other people.
as with the shape of the hand, more than one finger shape can be found too. in these cases, any number of the above interpretations may need to be considered. clue can be found elsewhere on the palm to reinforce the detection of these characteristics.

the majour lines on the palm

generally speaking both palms should be read together. the dominant hand, being the one you write with, reveals what the person has done with their life and the possible future it has in store for them. the passive hand reveals history, family background and inborn talents and assets.
incidentally, lines change over time..NOTHING IS SET IN STONE.

LIFE LINE - this deals with the length and strength of life. family tires and the general path of the sitters life. for instance, it can indicate stresses and difficulties that may have to be faced, ambition, or whether a person will emigrate or not, this line circles the thumb and is read from the top of the thumb, arching to end somewhere near the wrist.

HEART LINE - deals with the matters of the heart, motion, relationships and romance and whether they are stormy or steady, long or short term. it lies across the palm from beneath the index finger toward the little finger.

HEAD LINE - deals with the mind, mental issues and strength of character - career directions, intuition and creative forces. thin and faint suggest someone who is highly strung, thick and deep, someone who is methodical. this line is situated below the heart line running generally parallel with it across the palm.

FATE LINE - deals with career, work ambition and the general direction of life from childhood onwards. if present (sometimes not) this line starts around the wrist and moves vertically up the palm toward the fingers.

SUN (Apollo) LINE - is linked with luck, success, talents and fortune. again if present, this line lies in the region of the ring finger, but seldom seen below the heart line.

MERCURY LINE - the health line deals with the health issues, including hereditary ones. absence suggests good health, however, some sources suggest that if one is present but does not reach the life line is means good health, longevity, success in business and good financial fortune. this line starts someway below the little finger and crosses the palm diagonally toward the base of the thumb and wrist.

SIMIAN LINE - appears like a slash across the middle of the palm replacing the head and heart lines. some books suggest that this line is more often found on some of the most unlikely candidates. on one hand those have line are earthy and physical and are dominated by the lower chakras - not tending to display great intellect or show an emotion subtlety. however, i would suggest that often people with this line are not fettered with the usual emotion constraints of us mere mortals and can therefore steam ahead with the single-mindedness and own a tenacity and dogged determination that enabled them to move mountains. having said all its, other lines present on the palm and mounts could have a major influence on the overall affect of this line, so it is not all cut and dried by any means.
caveat - ensure that when interpreting this line that is is a true simian line and you are not being confused by the absence of the head or heart line, this would be a very rare occurrence, but in the case of the latter - it is not a happy omen. get a professional opinion.

and that is that :)
Again, pleaaasssee don't take anything as gospel, if you do worry, go see a professional. what iv said are only theories and i haven't learned anything much yet. im just passing on what iv been given.
love and light x


Found this image for palm reading, i LOVE it..a hell of a lot, id love to have it on my wall, but i cant find a poster sized decent image anywhere. never mind, post card sized will have to do.


The left acts to receive energy while the right hand sends it out.

Chiromancy or 'cheiromancy', is the art of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm, also known as palmistry, palm-reading, chirology or hand analysis. The practice is found all over the world, with numerous cultural variations. Those who practice chiromancy are generally called palmists, palm readers, hand readers, or chirologists.

A palm reader usually begins by reading the person's 'dominant hand' (the hand he or she writes with or uses the most). In some traditions of palmistry, the other hand is believed to carry past-life or karmic information, as well as hereditary traits which is not the case. Once lines form on the palm they remain there. New lines are created as a person experiences life.

There has always been skepticism about palmistry. Yet in the 21st century people studied the lines on the hands of children born with various challenges such as autism, Downs Symdrome and ADD, among others. There often is a correlation which one day may help in early diagnosis of childhood illnesses which go undetected in early childhood.

As a special education teacher for many years, I can tell you that patterns do follow with learning challenges and genetically inherited diseases.

As we know, homosexuality is inherited. There is a 'V' shaped line on the hand that is found in all gay people and which I have shown to my clients.

*(^^^not sure if i agree? i believe it can be...but not necessarily)

All genetic markers are prominent on the hand if one knows where to look -- this is science not metascience.

Medical researchers studying skin patterns - Dermatoglyphics - have discovered a correspondence between genetic abnormalities and unusual markings in the hand. Research has confirmed a link between specific fingerprint patterns and heart disease.


Everything matters in Palmistry...the size of the hand, it's shape, color,texture, the nails, depth of lines, even the manner in which you hold your hands when your palm is read.

The hand you use to write with is your dominant hand. The lines on this hand change through the years due to the electromagnetic images from your brain which know your lifepath. Once a line has appeared/formed, it will be there forever.

The other hand is your destiny hand. It generally remains the same throughout your lifetime. I do not consider it your last lifetime as both hands are generally similar.


heart line:
Ovals on the heart denote divorce, separation.
A long heart line: Overly romantic.
A straight heart line: The mind rules the heart.
The heart lines ends on the Jupiter mount: You want to control relationships

Above the heart line: A "V" denotes empathic qualities.
A "U" from the Jupiter to the Apollo finger: Gay person

Horizontal lines under the Mercury finger: Karmic relationships.
Long lines that run across the palm of the hand to the Mount of Venus (past lives)
(thumb) denotes marriages or 'living together'. (They are marked the same way).

Vertical lines:
Full ones that cross horizontal lines: Your children should you decided to have any.
Short lines: Miscarriages, abortions. (This will come up on the father's hand as well).

Head Line: Education: College--crosses the entire palm. Masters Program--has branches from the primary Head Line. Small branches: Other courses of study.

Life Line:
Surround Venus Mount (thumb) Starts from above the thumb and goes to the wrist.
If not connected to the Head Line: Caretaker, independent thinker, will give a lot in this lifetime, usually first or last child in the family-- or the only child (if the space is really wide).
Double line: Depression, needs therapy at some point.
A "V" closer to the wrist: a divorce
A split in the line: Moving far, changing destiny

Lines that follow the Life Line of your Venus Mount (thumb area): Spirit Guides, Past Lives

Fate / Career / Destiny Line: Runs from the wrist straight up to the Saturn (middle finger). Career / careers: will often branch in many directions which will determine changes in career and goals in one's lifetime.
Doubled line denotes: working at 2 careers at the same time.

Travel lines: Run along the outside palm from the heart line to the wrist. This needs to be viewed with a palm print to see where the person will travel next!
Many lines: Traveling for business as well as pleasure.
A few long lines: Major trips that change your destiny, often seen in the old years.

Money lines: From outside of the Venus Mount to the heart line. Run upward from the wrist. May have stars, bars or various other markings to indicate money and how you will get it.
A wide "V" in that area: cash settlement.
Darker / deeper lines: Finances increase Scattered lines: Make lost of money but at various times in your life.
Palm prints denote: white space in that area: you will lend money but never get it back: learning lessons with money. How many lessons depends on how many white areas are between the life line and the thumb on your palm print.

Other lines: Pentagrams [goddess energies], Stars, Circles, Triangles, The letter "M", the letter "V".

All markings depend on the area of the hand where they are found.

Many markings do not mean an old soul. Many men have few lines and are old souls. Blue collar workers have fewer lines--usually just the basic lines.


Divided into 3 sections each with a different reference on each finger. Length of each section, and images on your palm print tell much.

Jupiter finger: Leadership, Self Esteem, The Teacher, Organization, Punctuality, The Limelight. A strong determined person will always have a long Jupiter finger, as do teachers, and performers.

Saturn Finger: Destiny, The Corporate World, Karma Long finger: Lots of karma to work out. Section closest to palm: Your family Section in the middle: Business world Section near the tip of the finger, your spiritual path

Apollo Finger: Creative, Metaphysical, Health If it points to the Saturn finger: Your have karma in the metaphysical realms.

Mercury Finger: Communications: Writing, Computers, Media Much can be gleamed in this area with a palm print as so many people are in the communication fields now. A short finger: does not go up as high as the third section on your Apollo finger: Not great with writing, but will overcome this by working with others. It the Mercury finger bends in: You hold back what you need to say!

Venus finger: How stubborn / or giving you are. It can be straight (stubborn) ---or bent (subtle)--the giver. Please check both hands as they may be different. i have one of each type!

The lengths of the Jupiter and Apollo fingers must be compared. If the Jupiter finger is shorter the person is often a late bloomer as he / she will follow the dictates of others and will not seek their own goals until their thirties.

Spaces between fingers: Wide between Saturn and Jupiter: Will overspend

Holding out the hands: When hands are placed down on the paper for the palm print: Wide open: Friendly, outgoing. Big space between the Mercury (pinky) and Apollo (ring) fingers: Will move, needs lots of freedom and space.

im not sure i believe all of this, you may, you may not. take what you want from it...if it really interests you, get a book out..and practice until you make up your own mind.

love and light

every reference to palmistry in this post was taken from this page,

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


last night at spirit class, we did palmestry...OMG it was awesome :D so so so good. im definitely gonna look into it more...i cant even begin to explain on here what we did, but i have never looked at my palm so much in one night and ill never see them the same way again. im planning on goin to a workshop on it, where ill take notes and post them up here.. it was so good though. this woman told me really personal things, facts, not character trates, that she couldnt have known. crazy. and the lines change all the time going to photocopy my hand and then photocopy it again in 6 months...see if i can see any changes.

i think another reason i liked it was becuase its science based, i dont have to trust spirit to be able to do it? obviously spirit would help me, if i needed certain bits of info etc if i found i couldnt quite get the info...but otherwise its based on theory and knowledge.

more soon xx

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


iv lost my voice!!! i havnt had a cold where i couldnt speak for yeeeaarrrs, and here i am, sneezing, coughing, clutching my throat, all in silence. its rubbish. but perhaps its my body telling me to reign myself in?

last night at spirit class, we did crystals. i already worked with them, but last night the guy who runs the class went in depth and explained it in a way the books dont. anyway... he told us to go into the shop and pick up a crystal each, one that spoke to us, and bring it back.. (it sounds like kiddy school doenst it) anyway..we went round the group seeing what that crystal was, what it meant and what it would do. i picked calcite. healing, soothing etc..very nice. but the guy told me that id picked it becuase my natural character is a loving gentle kind compassionate blah blah, and i used to give love to everyone, including the people who didnt/dont deserve it, so i stopped loving everyone and held it now apparently im going back to 'me' and sending love to everyone.. perhaps im becoming more forgiving. anyway, i didnt think thats how i was, but then i talked to my bf about it on the way home and its right, i do love but not like i used to..i hold back a little just gonna work on it a bit more, really open up.

thats all really.

if i find any other points of inspiration ill be back

Monday, 19 October 2009


tonight i had another class, it was really really good :)

i also had a class last week, which wasnt so good. i didnt write about it cuz i didnt really understand, but ill write up here now what i got from it..

this was about meeting your spirit guide

we did a grounding exercise and then went into meditation, in this meditation you had to visualise a light infront of you, just a small point of light, you take three steps toward it and see it get bigger, then take three more steps and see it grow bigger still, its light nearly touching you, then three more steps and you are in the light, you can feel the love and warmth radiating off that light, you feel totally secure and happy. now take three more steps to find you have stepped through the light and into darkness.

see in front of you a lake, with a boat on it, and step onto that boat, and just sit there, feeling the water lapping the side, notice if theres movement? sounds? what are the colours like? how do you feel?

across from you is an island, as you notice it, the boat starts being pulled toward it, in a calm steady motion. you are not afraid.

as you get closer to the island you notice a forest on it. as the boat pulls into dock, you should step onto the ground. notice what kind of beach you have landed on? what are you standing on? is there a smell or are there sounds? as you look at the forest infront of you, notice that going into it is a well trodden path, you should go down it.

your heading into the forest, are there any animals? whats the weather like? smells?

as you walk down the path, you notice this forest is like an enchanted wood, toad stalls, fairy rings..if there are creatures, they welcome you in and say hello. smile and say hello back and keep on walking. as you come out of the other side of the trees, there is a hill with a bench on it, as you walk slowly toward the bench from behind, you notice someone sat on it. do you get any feelings from them? what do they look like?

you go around to the front of the bench and sit down..

now from this point i cant tell u what happens really becuase on mine was my ex boyfriend, who was all his depression embodied it seemed? i panicked, my mouth went dry, and i felt sick and couldnt breathe properly. as i asked him to turn around a face came up toward me.. it was an upside down egg shape...with two black circles for eyes and an oval hole for a mouth..the face was on like...a type thing? that kept extending, so i told him to go away. and it did, and then his head was a giant hawks head, which freaked me out, so i asked it to go away again and suddenly my visions were gone and a giant turtle was eating something... so i was like arggggggggggggggggggggg and pretty much got back to the boat asap. and then broke down when we came back to the room.

so, im sorry for people who wanted to meet guides, perhaps at another time.x

so from that i think i need to completely move on from my ex properly, fully cut all i can fully accept spirit.

ill post tonights lesson in the morning, cuz im flaking out!

love and light
liz xx

Monday, 12 October 2009


oh. my.

go girl!! wish i had half of her ability to KNOW whats wrong and voice it.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

''You see,'' he says to the girl, ''you closed your eyes. That was the difference. Sometimes you cannot believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel. And if you are ever going to have other people trust you, you must feel that you can trust them, too - even when your in the dark. Even when your falling.''

taken from tuesdays with morrie, about the trust test, when you fall back into someones arms? i like it.

Last night i have the first night of a spiritual development class/course, i was looking forward to it anyway...but it was so good, waayy better than imagined. we did some meditation with visualisation and it was superrrb, the feelings were awesome and buzzy. ill write down what we did step by step, he was being told by his guides..

for the grounding we listened to a cd made by the wife of the couple who runs the course, which you can buy here. Shes so down to earth and i find the visualistion easy to follow. but as thats her cd not sure i can put it up here.

but for the meditation the husband spoke directly from his guides..
NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS MEDITATION AFTER YOU'VE GROUNDED YOURSELF. (grounding can be anything from holding a dark coloured crystal, to going for a walk, gardening or just eating/drinking..just remember..its ALL about the intention. if you intend to be grounded and believe will be :))

close your eyes, sitting or lying down and completely relax, be conscious of your body working from your toes, all the way upto your head, relaxing everything as you go. now imagine your self on a ledge, any kind of ledge (i had to go though quite a few before i found one that was comfy) and your looking down below and you can see the world, animals, people, plants, houses, cars, whatever you can see, theyre all ant-like. as you stand on the ledge, you look down at your feet, and your hands, notice what they look like, how they feel. look to around you, how do you feel? safe?

now imgaine to your right infront of you theres a spark of white light that slowly gets birghter and grows into a piller, then on your left theres a tiny spark that again grows ans grows, and gets brighter and then grows into a long pillar. then the same to your right and left behind you. now you have four protective white pillars. join them up with white strings, so theres a box above and below you. fill the box with white light, so that it glows. notice how you feel?

look down from the ledge again, what do you see? is it a happy place for you? if you feel safe, jump down off the ledge, you can fly, you can fall. where do you land? what do you see? can you interect? stay here as long as you like. when you are ready to come back out, just go back to the ledge. open your eyes and slowly come to.

and that was the meditation. in mine, my ledge was made of glass in the sky, and the scene below me was of a field, in which there was a horse and my puppy, molly. when i looked around the hill there was a village at the bottom.. i tried going there on the horse but as soon as i got to the bottom of the hill the visions in front of me disappeard, so i went back up to the hill and lay down and my dog lay on me. i think i was just comfortable and thats why molly was there. i didnt look like me though, i had strawberry blonde hair, which i guess is my natural colour, and i was much slimmer..more..athletic. anyway.

these are my writings for now :)

love and light

Sunday, 4 October 2009

beautiful findings

This was written on the shelter at my local train station, i love it because 1. its good, and 2. its not the normal 'dan woz ere 2000' that you normally get...or something of the like. so yeah, thought y'all should get a look.

''the last train is nearly due,
the underground is closing soon,
and in the dark deserted station,
restless in aticipation,
a man waits in the shadows.

his restless eyes leap and scratch
at all that they can touch and catch,
hidden deep within his pocket,
safe within a silent socket,
he holds a coloured crayon.

now from the tunnels stoney womb,
the carraige rides to meet the groom,
it opens wide with welcome doors
but he hesitates and withdraws,
tighter in his shadows.

and the train is gone suddenly,
on wheels clicking silently,
like a gently tapping litany,
and he hold the crayon rosary,
tighter in his hand.

now from his pocket quickly flashes,
the crayon, upon the wall he slashes,
deep upon the advertising,
a single worded poem, comprised of four letters.

and his heart is laughing, screaming, pounding,
at the poem across the track rebounding,
shadowed by the exit light,
his take near ascending flight
to seek the breast of darkness and be suckled by the night.''

sorry about the black highlighting..not sure why its done that?

O is for the only one i see..

"At this moment there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world. Some are running scared. Some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day. Others are just not facing the truth. Some are evil men, at war with good. And some are good, struggling with evil. Six billion people in the world, six billion souls. And sometimes…all you need is one."

it helped me

''Some things are too terrible to grasp at once. Other things - naked, sputtering, indelible in their horror - are too terruble to really ever grasp at all. It is only later, in solitude, in memory, that the realisation dawns: when the ashes are cold; when the mourners have departed; when one looks around and finds oneself - quite to ones surprise - in an entirely different world.'' Donna Tartt - the secret history


L is for the way you look at me...

"Love is a funny thing. You expect it to be easy. You expect it to be a world of roses and laughs and perfect moments that you find only in movies. You expect her to always say the right thing, and always know exactly how you feel, or exactly how to react to it. You expect her to calm you down when you're yelling or to chase you when you run away.

You expect so much that you feel entirely, and utterly defeated when something doesn't exactly match up with all your plans. But that's the thing.

Love isn't a plan.

It doesn't have a certain beginning and it certainly has no end or visible finish line to those deeply in it. Love happens; it is so incredibly messy.

People around you can't comprehend why you do the things you do, or why you fight so hard for something that seems to cause you so much pain, because simply, they can't see. They can't see the invisible ring of insanity that surrounds you when you're in love. It's inconvenient and painful and devastating at times, but we can't live without it.

What you don't learn is how hard love is. How much work it takes. How much of ourselves we have to put into it. How it isn't worth it until we are complete and utter idiots about it.

Love isn't her calming you down when you yell.

It's her yelling, just as loud, just as hard, right back at you, right in your face to wake you up and to keep you grounded.

It isn't her/him bringing you roses everyday or cute things that make your relationship appear more presentable...
It's after a long fight, that drains the life and bones right out of you both, and yet her showing up at your door the next morning anyway. It's not her saying all the right things or knowing exactly how to handle you.

So no, it's not her caressing your hair and telling you everything is going to be alright. It's her standing there, admitting she's just as scared as you are. You have to remember that with love, you're not the only one involved. You've unknowingly put your life, your heart into the palms of another persons hands and said, here.

Do what you will. Mash it into mince meat.

Or forget I ever handed it to you. As long as you have it.

It makes us crazy. It makes reality invisible and it erases all the lines that we shouldn't cross. Because love isn't about fencing ourselves in; feeling safe, feeling sure about the future.

It's about scaring the shit out of every nerve in our body, but pushing forward anyway.

Because all the fighting and all the tears and all the uncertainty is worth it.

And it's a hell of a lot better, than being 100% happy without someone to show us that there is a world of a difference between feeling 'happy' and feeling whole..."

mind mumblings

So, new place to blog..i think i have a million of these. but i havn't blogged properly since i had a deadjournal? and when i look back on it, i sound so young..i was annoying..BUT its really nice reading how i was feeling at the time, or what i was going through..its amazing what i don't remember! then i used Myspace..i think i might upload a lot of those entries into here, some of them were...deep thoughts i had..which i still find relevant. i also recently set up a LJ community for spiritual people, gotta get the word out about that one.

Annnndd SO, this blog will be to get me thinking again.

My thoughts this morning, are of friends..people that make effort, people who don't. This is something that crops up quite a lot in my life. People making an effort and people not. I make as much effort as possible, i don't mind getting trains to see people, as i can't drive.. but what annoys me is when people who do drive make me get a train and then walk to their house to see them.. i don't mind doing it, so long as they come see me as well, but so few people do. i started thinking about all this again, because yesterday i started reading a book called 'Tuesdays with Morrie' which I'm REALLY enjoying, its about a man who had a college professor who he gets on with really really well, but..the man graduated college and lost contact, until he prof. is dying and is on TV. wont go into the storyline in case anyone wants to read it..i do recommend it for anyone interested in life meanings and lessons. when Morrie finds out hes going to die, he holds a 'living funeral' because he wanted to people to say the nice things that people say at funerals to his face.. which i thought was an awesome concept.. people have such beautiful things to say about people once they've died, but I'm sure everyone could do with hearing it every single day before they die!
Also...when people get ill and are going to die, most people suddenly make the effort to see them.when people suddenly and unexpectedly die, people regret not spending more time with them, etc etc etc... well exactly!!!! see people more! avoid the regret, be safe in the knowledge you shared all your loving thoughts with them. tell her that lipstick looks awesome, or that dress...tell him hes funny or one of your best friends. positive attracts positive..and i cant think of a much faster way to feeling good and love.

It makes me want people to have pre-death parties, because people don't even make the effort on birthdays anymore do they? people have that laid back ''iv got next year'' approach.. i know, there's a percentage who don't have that mindset..but its upsetting for the friends of friends who do.

''well who wins??''
he smiled. his crinkly eyes. his crooked teeth..
''love wins. love always wins''


(for anyone that reads this..if anyone does, sorry if it has no correlation or doesn't make sense..its literally as it comes into my head)


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