Sunday, 7 November 2010

Carmens Cosy Givaway

For the few of you who follow me, sorry iv not been around -

i have a job!!!!!
and so many sewing projects!
and thiiings, but will find time to do some bloggering soon..
ANYWAY! the point to todays entry is..

I'v been following Carmen for a while now - awesome make up tips and cooking stuff, just a generally cosy girly blog :)

i logged into my blogger account this morning and found this giveaway :D
WWAAAAA exciting :D headbands being totally in this season and its grey and cosy and nice ^_^ AND a drawer smelly - though to be honest, looks tempting to use as a pin cushion for glass-headed multi coloured pins... it is!

''A cosy chunky knit headband/earwarmer with a whopping bow and some subtly scattered shiny bits (shame they don't show up too much in the piccie) and a vanilla scented cupcake called pammi who loves nothing more than to snooze in closets and sock drawers :]''

SO, i strongly advise you, to follow carmens blog as its useful and lovely AND be in with a chance to enter and win the giveaway :D

Leave a comment describing the cupcake of your dreams! Too easy :]

Terms and conditions

1. You must be a follower. Duh lol
2. Do not forget to leave your email! Send it to if you're uncomfortable with leaving it in the comment box DON'T FORGET!
2. For two entries leave your comment and blog about the giveaway.
For three entries, blog and stick the teeny tiny piccie in your sidebar :]
(shameless plugging lol)

Giveaway ends on thursday at midnight!

So, there we are :)



  1. hello you flame haired (is it still red?) beauty! Thank you so much for entering :D loved your idea of using the cupcake as a pincushion ;] good luck my loverly xXx

  2. Hey pretty one :) its not red :'( i bought the wrong dye and now its more of a purply reddy brown, cannot wait to get the ginge back.. :)
    its an AWESOME give away :) bloody good knitting!! i get frustrated so quickly.



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