Monday, 4 November 2013

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I was lying in bed, thinking those internal thoughts you think when doing mundane things like riding your bike to work, showering or falling asleep. i was vainly thinking about my teeth and my skin, the fact that i have broken teeth and fillings, and laughter lines around my eyes despite the fact i wear no make up and don't tan myself. suddenly, in popped a small voice

''ehem..'' he coughed, and waited.
''hello?'' i asked, wondering what piece of wisdom or disdain 'the voice' had to offer tonight.
''stop thinking like that'' he demanded.
''like what? this is normal, no?'' i defended myself.
''let me ask you, were you more attractive a year ago than you are now?''
''i was younger and peachier, so in a way..yes'' i decided, thinking that i didn't so much like this fact.
''and the year before that and the year before that, were you more attractive than a year ago?'' i could hear a smart arsed undertone and was becoming increasingly defensive.
''So stop thinking about how good looking you used to be because this is as good as its going to get - if in your opion you were always better looking than you are now, that will also be the case in 6 day you are more attractive than you will be then''
''.......ehh....'' i was silenced.

And i can count on one hand how many ugly/fat days i've had sinse then.
Good point Little Voice, good point.

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