Tuesday, 28 December 2010

limited space

Making the most of small spaces:
At some point this year ill be moving into
a very very very very very tiny 'studio apartment'.
The thought of this makes me feel a panicky.
But then i remembered how ikea utilise small spaces
- can't find any pics -
So i started to Google images of good studio apartments.
most of the pics aren't actually of full 'studio' apartments
(can't bloody stand that term. its not studio. its a room
with a kitchenette and a bed and a shower room. A bedsit in fact.)
AND then i remembered that carrie has a kind of studio in SATC :)
She has an actual kitchen aswell as a living/bedroom - but its a step in the right direction.
work with what you have...or something.
Positive thinking!

Its all about what you do with it...

Ikea loft bed, space saving...

kitchenettes don't have to be ALL bad....
MY kitchenette will look NOTHING like this sleek little thing,
i can guarantee - but, optimism and positive thinking!!

wouldn't have it this way around, but its not terrible is it...?

can just about see the 'kitchen' at the back...
could be worse..

positive thinking..


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