Saturday, 27 February 2010

birthday suit

A joke that never seems to go bad with the older generations ;)

''what shall i wearrrr??'' (panicing about birthday outfits)
''your birthday suit of course!'' (goes off laughing to self..)

So, yes..its my 21st in a month, and i neeeed a dress. being a seamstress everyone has suggested i make my own, but to be honest, by the time iv bought fabric and spent time making a pattern and sewing it up, i might aswel have bought one. Annnyyyyyway, im not sure what style to go for. im quite curvy and short, so i was thinking a bodycon dress? but then will that be too short?? do i have something floaty? tight? wierd? BIG? it has to have straps/be REALLY sturdy, as my boobs will take full advantage to being left to do their own thing. Also, i don't have a bjillion £££ to spend. is that 'charity shops!' i hear you cry?? yes, had thought of that, but getting out of the house is a hard one.
toughey. i might just go shopping on the day of the party and see what i can find?

lovelove xxxxxx

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