Monday, 15 February 2010

butterfly effect

life just went ''BOO'' in my head. it got me thinking :( not sad thoughts, just too many thoughts.

So, these thoughts came from talking to an old friend who was like ''' pretty much. and i told her ''corsets and houses and stuff''..and i asked back after her, she said ''yes yes, uni, busy..good''. and i thought ''wow, imagine if i went to uni last year...'' *imagines*

* id be a 5 hour drive away
* we wouldnt have molly
* we wouldnt be moving house in april
* mum probably would have already moved to her boyfriends
* we might not even be together because of distance/uni experience etc etc

when i think about things that would be so so different, the extra things i would have done, the things i wouldnt have done. strange.

more later.

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