Wednesday, 3 February 2010

alice in wonderland party...?

last week i want to see avitar in 3d which was, by the way - SO EFING COOL!!!! really, like gold and purple high tops, or a rollercoaster, just. cool. :D
so..anyway, in the adverts beforehand, they were mostly 3d, which was pretty cool :) including, ALICE IN WONDERLAND BY TIM BURTON, oh em gee, im exited for it :D. anyway, 21 in 2 months or so, and i want a fancy dress party, but getting people to put the same effort that i put in, is difficult, i wanted a masked ball, but no ones gonna go for that the way i would. so, alice in wonderland?? i LOVE the idea, and i know a lot of people do it, but its still cool. so i was googling it, and found this AWESOME SITE, who make props! if i were a millionair, id buy them, but im not, so im gonna see what happens. anyways...
thats all. :)

loveloveloveandstuff xxxxxxx

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