Thursday, 4 February 2010


falling into that
beautiful thing
called love

(ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming,
can't-live'without-each-other love.)

attraction, flirtation, euphoria, doubt, THE TRUTH
(also known as the big whooperdoodle, or, the most
important part of this whole sloppy, thilling, infuriating,
marvelous experience.)

so this is love. as wonderous and scary and fabulous as it
can be. it may have starter with more attraction, but where
its eneded up is somewhere deeper and truer and endlessly
more fullfiling.
and despite yourself, you will have learned a little something
along the way. that euphoria that doesnt have to be fleeting.
that love can survive doubt. that a joyful instinct should
never be repressed.
And so you throw yourself into love. Heartfirst.

never stop falling in love. hearts.

taken from a galaxy wrapper iv had for YEARS. ill keep it for years more..


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