Friday, 12 February 2010


For a while now, iv been into undercuts..they oooozz sex appeal to me. I wanted to get one ages ago, but iv been scared to. about 2 years ago, i went from having waist length hair,
to having hair cut upto my cheek bones...

Ewwwww. never cutting my hair of EVER AGAIN.
its only just gotten back to a decent length (just covers my nips)
so left me with a...i don't know..a link in my head to having my hair cut, bringing me out in something that resembled a cold sweat.
SO, having an undercut...i thought it looked hot, but could i go through cutting that much hair off??! but i did need to regain 'me'. i did fashion for those two years...and i kind of lost myself. i found myself in the sense of, i know who i am and what i want now..and my personality is more rounded and confident, but being who i really really am, infront of everyone all the time, like i used to be able to. i guess to feel cool? in myself..not for others.

so, i looked for pictures of undercuts on girls with long hair...and they EXIST!!! on supermodels. (and very alternative people) <_<. hmph. i am about 3ft shorter than a supermodel and curvy. hmmm. so, i finally found some good images...

In the end...theres no amount of looking at pictures or gelling/gripping my hair into place thats going to show me what it would be i did it. i just borrowed some clippers and shaved it..a little just above my ears, curving round behind like a crescent moon..i think i need to take a little more off but i also need to dye my im going to do that tonight and then take some pics. just thought id post this for anyone looking for decent undercut i couldn't find any. ill add (what to do exactly, how to use clippers if you never have etc) to this when iv had more thoughts on it...and some better pics later. :)


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