Friday, 26 February 2010


i want to go here...

Goodwood Estate is a stately home in Sussex...pretty much sums it up. Take a look at the website... to get a better idea of what it is. ANYWAY, Lily Allen, (who..i like!! im sorry..i do. shes honest...some people think shes spoilt, wah wah whatever...she got talent and shes abusing the privileges that come with it, WOULDN'T YOU?? anyway..stop complaining, shes the successful one.) is hosting this event.. sooo, yes..its this...:

''The singer, 24, who wore a red vintage dress to celebrate British fashion from the Forties to Eighties at the launch of the event today, insisted that she still intends to give up music and will play her last show on 7 March.

The festival in August, which mixes music and fashion, will feature the launch of Allen's new vintage clothing label, Lucy In Disguise.
The singer said: “I'm starting a shop with my sister and a couple of other people. I'm really busy in the office every day at the moment, sourcing clothes, and I'm really excited about my new venture.”

Allen added that her shop aimed to be “an antidote to the mass consumerism culture of high street shopping”.

Vintage At Goodwood is being billed as the festival for people who want glamour and no mud. Fashion designers Gerardine and Wayne Hemingway have joined forces with stately home owner Lord March to launch the event in the Sussex countryside.

The three-day festival will boast the first performance by Sixties pop singer Sandie Shaw in 25 years and the world's biggest market of vintage clothing. It will also feature events from punk group The Damned to tea-dancing.
Hemingway said: “It's a cultural event very much like the Festival of Britain but a contemporary version.”

It began after the Hemingways saw a picture of Kate Moss in the Glastonbury mud and realised that festivals had lost their sense of glamour.

Hemingway said: “It was an epiphany moment. I realised they had stripped away the fashion and the glamour and it was just about getting mucky, but when me and Gerardine were growing up, the whole thing about music was music and glamour going together — glam rock and David Bowie, punk with Vivienne Westwood. It's a celebration of the creative industries which are the second biggest driver of the economy after the service sector.”

The idea took concrete form when the Hemingways met Lord March who could offer Goodwood as a setting. This will also lessen the chance of mud with careful grass preparation and chalky soil.

At the event there will be venues dedicated to music through the decades from a Forties club with the orchestra of John Miller, to a Seventies ballroom and an Eighties roller disco.

Attendance will be capped at 20,000 for the first year, but will have to expand to balance the books. Tickets go on sale today with adult day passes for £55 and weekend camping tickets at £150. Go to''

taken from here :)

DOESNT it look exciting :D i bet itll all be mega expensive..but so so good. oh my. just wish they were doing a 20's section, i love the 20' was the first era of real non conformist women.

EEPEEPEPP. with that and secret garden party and, i need a job!! or a sugardaddy.. ;)....or for my man to earn a million pound by tonight, so three festivals coming to near £5oo wont seem at all bad.

anyway..more later..on hair dying :D eeee

love xxx

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