Thursday, 25 February 2010

..told me that my hair was red, told me i was beautiful...

Nothing lasts forever,
so live it up, drink it down,
laugh it off, avoid the bullshit,
take chances and never have regrets,
because at one point, everything you did
was exactly what you wanted.


I used to have rreedd hair, thats me!!

itd start off that nice colour...then it would fade to...a faded colour? which reminds me of anne of green gables, not a look i really wanna go for... (the beautiful man in the picture is milo...hes beautiful inside and out, 100% good strong man.)

anyway, the red was A LOT of upkeep, would fade pretty quick each time i washed it..but my hair was in pretty bad condition and i guess that's why it wouldn't hold the colour..? anyway, so i got fed up of red, and tried to go blonde again..for stupid reasons i think, and after i bleached it 3 times, people told me red was the hardest colour to get out. RUBBISH. So my hairdresser friend cut it for me because my hair was pretty dead. and then we dyed it brown, as you saw in a few entries previous. my hairs now grown back, as i my nips and...surprise surprise i wanna dye it red again. iv wanted to for a year or so now, every time i see someone with red hair i go all misty eyed. To go red again, i need to bleach the brown out of my hair and then dye red on top..hmmmmm. not sure about that? ill cut an inch or so off my hair after to encourage it to grow healthyish..but what if it doesnt work? what do we all think? hmmmm...HALP.

if i do decide to red it up again, ill blog so any other scardy cats can follow my lead ;)

lovelove and love xxxx

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