Friday, 12 February 2010

weeeee :)

just a quick one to show you the finished bit after its been dyed and washed and dried and finished off :) yay. i love it.

things you will need to undercut..

  • a decent pair of clippers (or a razor with some foam if your REALLY brave)
  • a steady hand
  • hair bobbles
  • a comb/brush (id recommend a comb)

if you don't know how to use clippers, which i didnt..well..
there should be a lever on the side? when its switched up it will cut really close to the skin, down..further away. when you turn the clippers on first, make sure the lever is pointed down. if your using clippers with the add on bit, make sure its the right length comb. i recommend a no.2 comb. for a nice length cut for the first can make it shorter, not longer!

select the bit of hair you want to shave and pin the rest back, i suggest cutting less and adding more as you go on..again, its easier to cut more after than try and grow it so u can start again.
cut your hair off to about an inch or so, this will be easier to shave off.
this is a good video for showing you what to do to get right upto the edge.

et voila. ill post my hair in different styles over the weekend/after, for any of you with long hair, who dont want to look weird or anything. :)

<3 much love xxxxxxxxxxxx

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