Monday, 22 February 2010

broken hearted

My Camera Broke :'(

wwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :(

On Thursday morning, taking pictures of toms birthday presents as he opened them, all lovely. We went to his parents, again..all lovely, UNTIL.....i was taking a picture of him and his dad, and the lens started to go back in on its own?? i turned it off and on again and it was just a blank, i turned it off and left it, and turned it back on again and now a message comes up on screen saying ''turn power off and on again''...obviously that's what iv been doing. CRAP. so i looked it up..and there's a lens problem...mechanism or something. baaahhhh. What makes it even more rubbisherererere is that we went to bath at the weekend to visit toms aunt and uncle and they have 4 springers (willow, spindle, moss and otter) and a ooolllddd rickety black lab (inka) and we took molly with us :)!! but i couldn't document annyy of it because the stupid camera broke. poop.

ANNNYWAY, we had a wonderful time :) Carol and John were very very welcoming, and we could easily make ourselves at home...lounging all over the sofas chatting and being mauled and 'loved'.

Yesterday we visited Bath center, twas awesome i have to say :) good for shopping, so we will be heading back :D but then...disaster struck...
When wed left the house mid morning, john was just taking the dogs out, (lovely man) and when we got back molly had a bandage on..hmmm, but it was OK, she was happy and not limping so we were OK with it.
Turns out shed been running amongst old farmy bits in her usual gangley speedy manner. later on she started trying to lick the bandage off, so we went to take it off because of dog spit being healing etc etc, to find...that little fleshy pad on her leg..CUT IN HALF and bleeding. BLURGH. so we took her to the vets in bath at 7 at night on a Sunday..(as you can imagine, it was not cheap..i would in fact, go as far as to say it was extortionate ). They wrapped it up in a HUGE bandage for us to take her to the local vets today to have it removed. They gave her some antibiotics and some painkillers so she was niiiice and spaced all the way home :) hehehe. so currently shes in the locas vets being put under to have it cut off and sewn up.niiice. luckily they dont need they bit, so alls well :) apart from it being a tad too quiet witout her. we did manage to use toms mums camera last night to take some pics of her bandaged club foot, so ill get them uploaded soon :D hah.

Anyway, so that was my weekend :)
lovelove and love

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