Tuesday, 9 February 2010

a few things

currently im reading Coraline..and i HIGHLY recommend it..srsly!! its such an amazing book. its a children book, which i didn't expect, set in England, which i didn't expect, and its written MARVELOUSLY. because its for children there are a lot of adjectives, but they're fun and make your brain IMAGINE what Mr.B looks like. im so used to reading kids books (to a child a might add, not for myself) and it being simplified, or having no real storyline because kids 'wont get it' (im sorry..what?? how i did I cope, and my parents and grandparents and so on..i read secret garden when i was 8) anyway..so, yes. i highly recommend it. click this link and go to ''coraline the book'' and look at the chapter excerpt to see what i mean.

AND, i really really wanna see princess and the frog. really really really. and so does my man :) thankfully. haha.

right, im off to finish corsets and birthday presents and drink tea and walk the dawg. funfunfun. nice day.

love :D xxxxxxx

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