Wednesday, 3 February 2010

movin' on...

Sooooooo, for actual thoughts going on inside my actual head this blog has been a bit low. But now i am back for real :) kind of.

Im moving house :O
I currently live in the house iv lived in sinse i waaassss 10? (im 21 in march) and i love it :D really really do, lots of lovely memories and lovely energies buzzing about in here :). but mum cant afford it anymore, to damned expensive (its rented) so shes moving in with her bf and im moving in with mine :) this is it :D >
Its in the town near us, Leamington Spa, its so soooo cute! We move in on april 3rd :D
When we were looking for somewhere i was in almost physical pain from the grief of losing the house were in at the minute...But its just not practical living here anymore, i neeeeed a job so badly and living here makes it nearly impossible to get anywhere without help or lots of moneys. Where were we?? Oh..i was in pain, lots and lots of pain. until..DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN, we viewed this house.. We got there earlier than the estate agent lady, and went for a quick walk up the street, where theres a grassy comyn, from which u can see the ENTIRE of Leamington, CRAZY pretty :)..Slowly the stabbing pain of grief caused by losing my childhood (kinda) home was dampened. When the lady arrived we went through the front door (obviously) into a hallway with the original ceramic tiles(!!!!!!) and the pain was halfway numbed! After seeing the entire house i knew i was going to miss my house place like crazy but that moving into the new place with its pretty garden and awesome bathroom was enough to clear the pain entirely. Im also aware i'm going to have to enjoy the bits i love about the house EXTRA hard over the next 2 months. The morning after, i went outside and it was SUNNY so i took pictures whilst walking mums dogs...
this is the view up my drive from the house :)
walk up the track to the 'walled garden'
lonely bench in the garden

shadows taller than our souls in the low down winter sunfrom the walled garden you can see the trees and behind them a church

the walled garden :) pretty pretty
rosie dog, she ooolllddd, but cute :)
we love the lense flare :D

Im gonna take a million more pictures before we leave, make a log of all the houses were in, and he progression of them, changes etc :).
Probably very boring for anyone who reads this, but i guess its for me? Hmm, never mind. :D I love this house, the next tenants better love it this much!
x x x x x

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